Nykaa Naturals Essential Oil Review

I have been looking to try essential oils for some time now but I did not quite want to invest in the expensive ones. I was going to get the body shop tea tree oil serum but then I stumbled upon Nykaa’s line of essential oils and thought to give it a try. They have 19 essential oils one can choose from. 

So, I chose Tea Tree Oil. 

With Nykaa’s speedy delivery I received the product the very next day. The packaging was beautiful and compact. 

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This is what Nykaa has to say about their Essential Oil; 

The Nykaa Naturals aromatherapy products include a luxurious range of handpicked essential oils that offer effective, therapeutic results.

Tea Tree- Natural Conditioner – A super pimple zapper oil that can also prevent repeated occurrence of acne. It also diminishes pigmentation, reduces skin redness and hydrates skin without making it oily. Tea tree is highly suggested by the world’s best spa salons to stop hair fall and enhance the growth of hair.

Disclaimer: The product itself is very intense. I applied it straight to my face without doing much research and it broke me out. 

So now when I just use two drops in a face pack or just take a q tip and dab it on the affected areas. It helped me clear out a few stubborn pimples. I want to also inform you that the smell is also very strong.

For sensitive skin, You can add two to three drops in aloe vera gel and apply it to your face. You can also mix a few drops in your face pack, moisturizer, cleanser, and facewash. 

For hair, you can use coconut or almond oil or whichever oil you use, add in a few drops of the essential oil, mix it and apply it to your scalp to help reduce dandruff. I mixed 4-5 drops in coconut oil and applied it to my scalp for two hours. In just one use it helped with my dandruff tremendously. 

Get it here

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