How To Get Over a Bad Day

Do you sometimes just get in that low mood zone and you have no idea why? It happens to the best of us and most of the time we cope up by staying in our beds and staring at the wall or the computer screen or the TV without really paying attention to anything.

You just feel like you might not be able to escape this mood or like you just can’t move. So you continue to stare at that wall and then resolve to take a nap which only ends up making you feel groggy which just worsens the situation.

So, the following are some ways that help me recover from that mood :

1. Tea

I am not the best when it comes to making tea. But tea is one of those drinks that help me feel better. A LOT better.

2. Shower

Yes. Take a shower even if you have already taken one in the morning. Pamper yourself. It’ll help you feel fresh and clean.

3.  Goal

Set a small goal for yourself. Even if it’s just arranging your desk, getting groceries, starting the introduction of your assigned essay, arranging your wardrobe, changing your bed sheet, etc.

Start with a small task and then move on to the bigger one. That way you will feel less anxious.


Now music is very important. It can help you change your mood instantly. But obviously, in a bad mood, you’d probably want to listen to some sad song and feel even sadder.

My advice is to blast any song that gets you up from sitting and start dancing to it. Upbeat music will help you feel better.

5. Go outside

Go on a walk. Meet a friend. Get out of the house. The fresh air and walking can help make you feel loads better. Just get out of your bed and go out.

I’m not going to say that these tips will definitely make you feel better because we are all different people and have different choices that make us feel better. But I wanted to share a few things that can help you or maybe give you a little idea of how you can divert your bad mood into a better mood or even a good mood.

It won’t hurt to try them!

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How To Get Over a Bad Day

Do you sometimes just get in that low mood zone and you have no...

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