My Go- to- Makeup Look!

Hello my lovelies, today I will be writing a detailed blog about my go-to makeup look. This look is easy and does not take much time. I have a video that you can watch if you like. But don’t worry if you don’t watch you can just read. I am going to write about the steps but in more detail.

Step 1. Primer or sunscreen – Now, after moisturizer, you can either apply a primer or a sunscreen or both. Just apply the sunscreen and wait a few minutes and then apply the primer. I personally don’t like to lather up that much so I apply either one. In the video, I am applying primer.

Step 2. Illuminator – I now take my Nyx’s illuminator and apply it to the high points of my face. It helps in making your skin look like you have a natural glow and well I definitely LOVE having a glow.

Step 3. Eyebrows – I like to keep my eyebrows for every day looks very light and natural. So, I just fill in the areas that look super light and that’s it.

Step 4. Foundation – You can also use a BB or CC cream if you are not a foundation person. Or just skip this step if you don’t like to or want to use all three. I dot the foundation all over my face, just a tiny amount, and then apply it evenly with a sponge.

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Step 5. Concealer – If you skipped step 4, you can just use a concealer to cover up your blemishes or dark circles and you are good to go!

Step 6. Eyeshadow – Moving on to the eyes, I use a neutral shade to apply all over my eyelids and then a glittery shade to apply at the center of my eyelids. After that, I apply a good old winged eyeliner and my eyes are done.

Step 7. Blush – I apply blush with a light hand on the apple of my cheeks and take it little further upwards.

Step 8. Lipstick – Last but not the least, without a lipstick a look is incomplete. I apply a peach nude lipstick and I am now good to go.

Hope you enjoyed reading my go-to makeup look blog! if you did you can also follow me on my and watch the video there for a visual understanding.

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